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The Ahoskie Chamber of Commerce was chartered in March 1936 and continues to be a strong advocate for businesses in the Ahoskie area. We support legislation which is designed to create jobs and help small businesses grow. Our vision is to help plan and implement those activities which will help revitalize our downtown area, improve our transportation infrastructure, build and maintain a top-notch public school system and generate new jobs to increase employment. 


The Ahoskie Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is committed to the advancement of the  economic,  cultural and civic well-being  of the citizens and businesses of the Ahoskie area.  We will promote and encourage the growth of our existing business and industry as well as assisting new legitimate and viable enterprises seeking to locate in the Ahoskie area. We will endeavor to actively support those activities deemed to be beneficial to our community and oppose those activities that may be detrimental to the welfare of our citizens.  We will adopt and follow policies and strategies intended to accomplish the greatest good for the greatest number our citizens and businesses.  Ahoskie Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is a non-profit, nonpartisan and non-sectarian entity.